CRAFT - INTERVIEWS WITH MASTERS is our interview series featuring people who have done a big thing, developed an incredible skill or amassed important wisdom in their lives.
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CRAFT: Deciphering the FSB

by Soobin Kim /
In this edition of CRAFT, Kevin Riehle tells us about his decades-long career in counterintelligence, a former supervisor who turned out to be a Russian mole, which country received the most Soviet defectors and more.

CRAFT: The Queen of Cuba

by Georgia Gee /
Ana Montes was known among her colleagues at the Defense Intelligence Agency as the "Queen of Cuba" due to her exceptional expertise on the country. Little did they know she was a Cuban spy.

CRAFT: Covering China

by Tom Wright /
David Barboza won a Pulitzer in 2013 while at the New York Times for his coverage of the shadowy wealth around former Premier Wen Jiabao. We've spoken to David before in Whale Hunting about President Xi Jinping's wealth. David also makes an appearance in Red Roulette,

CRAFT: Shaking a Tail

by Bradley Hope /
If you watched the pilot from our new docuseries HIDDEN WORLDS, you'll remember "Oscar Zero," the former government surveillance specialist who ran the operation to follow me across London. I first met her years ago when we went on a walking tour of London and she

CRAFT: Secrets of a Navy SEAL

by Tom Wright /
This week, our CRAFT is with Mike M, a 25-year military veteran and U. S. Navy SEAL who was deployed ten times in Iraq and Afghanistan over two decades (possibly more than any other veteran). Mike has spent a lifetime learning how to build teams that can survive the harshest

CRAFT: The Ambassador

by Tom Wright /
Kirk Wagar's career path has taken some interesting detours. Het set up his own law firm in Miami in the 1990s and has been involved in Democratic politics for over thirty years, acting as Florida Finance Chairman for President Obama's two election victories. In 2013, Obama

CRAFT: The Constant Gardener

by Bradley Hope /
In all my years of journalism, William "Bill" McMurry is the single most impressive law enforcement official I've ever met. He has what feels like the perfect combination of trustworthiness and resolve, open-mindedness and the ability to take on massive challenges. Tom and I first heard

CRAFT: Appeal to the Intellect

by Bradley Hope /
Among the cadre of journalists writing about the opaque and often bizarre world of the world’s richest people – both legitimate and illegitimate – the writer Atossa Araxia Abrahamian has one of the most unique voices. Her book Cosmopolites: The Coming of the Global Citizen explores the hardly understood business of

CRAFT: Persistence and Preparation

by Bradley Hope /
Kim Ghattas is an incredible journalist. Her body of work shows a huge range, from intellectual synthesis and scoops of insight to emotive stories from the frontlines of conflicts. She got her start in her hometown of Beirut before joining the BBC, Financial Times and the Dutch daily de Volkskrant