Georgia Gee
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Dubai, Refuge for Oligarchs and Kleptocrats

Dubai booms in times of trouble. The cast of plutocrats setting up there to live their best life away from prying eyes is unbelievable.

Alex Finley
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A Yacht with a View

By Alex Finley All those reports about alleged slavery and deaths among men building stadiums to prepare for the Men’s FIFA World Cup in Qatar got you down? Angry and unnerved by Qatari officials moving against LGBTQ individuals just weeks before the launch of the tournament? Upset that the

Bradley Hope
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Do We Really Need Another Yacht?

Looming over some of the great scandals of recent years is a man who loves big yachts. Surprised? No, I didn't think so. The man I'm referring to is Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed al Nahyan, a princeling once seen as on an upward trajectory as the "businessman sheikh" of Abu