Craft - Interviews with Masters

Here are our interviews with people who have done a big thing, developed an incredible skill or amassed important wisdom in their lives.

The Honest Spy – Christopher Turner spent decades as a CIA case officer. His surprising conclusion, all information gathering must be built on honesty.

The Negotiator – Daniel Levin, who spends his days negotiating behind the scenes to free hostages or engaging quietly with Middle Eastern governments to seek political settlements, talks about the art of persuasion.

Persistence and Preparation – Journalist Kim Ghattas talks about her career, how rising in the profession doesn't require sharp elbows and the need for preparation before a big interview.

The Constant Gardner – Former FBI special agent William "Bill" McMurry, who went after the kingpins of NYC Chinatown, discusses turning criminals into cooperators.

The Ambassador – Former US Ambassador to Singapore Kirk Wagar talks about the advantages of politically appointed ambassadors and Singapore's cautious approach toward crypto. Β 

Appeal to the Intellect – Atossa Araxia Abrahamian delves deeper into the world of the super rich, aided by investigative journalism and cultural critique.

Secrets of a Navy Seal – Veteran US Navy SEAL Mike M shares his insights on training for the unexpected and dealing with high-risk jobs.

Shaking a Tail – Former government surveillance specialist "Oscar Zero" talks about the business of surveillance operations, from clients to counter surveillance techniques. Β 

Covering China – Journalist David Barboza shares his approaches to reporting on China and his Pulitzer-winning investigation into the hidden riches of Prime Minister Wen Jiabao.

Hunting Viktor Bout – Former DEA special agent Robert β€œZach” Zachariasiewicz discusses the biggest cases of his career, including the capture of arms dealer Viktor Bout, shedding light on the DEA's inner-workings.

Deciphering the Russian Disinformation War – Disinformation expert Peter Pomerantsev talks about how Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine is unfolding online.

The Queen of Cuba – Former FBI special agent Peter Lapp recounts how he tracked down Ana Montes, the Defense Intelligence Agency's top analyst and a spy for the Cuban government.