Whale Hunting Merch
Missing for years, but we still care. Wear your Where is Jho Low shirt to help "bring him home!"

Whale Hunting Merch

Bradley Hope

We are so grateful to all our subscribers and we have huge things planned for 2023. Please stick with us as we move into a higher gear across all of Project Brazen – more projects, better content and hopefully increased opportunities to interact with all of you

As a holiday bonus, we are unveiling today a new Project Brazen "store" that includes a number of Whale Hunting perks. As a way of saying thank you to all of you, we created a special code WHALEHUNTING that gets you 25% off the cost. Every dollar that comes into Brazen is immediately reinvested in the mission of investigative journalism, thrilling storytelling and high-quality production.

A few selections below, but there are many more offerings inspired by Corinna and the King, The Brush Pass, Fat Leonard and the Project Brazen mission, too.

This t-shirt even comes in size 3XL so Eric Tan can wear it, too.

Our Jho Low shirt is inspired by the old computer game Where in the World is Carmen San Diego. More on that in next week's Youtube edition of Where is Jho Low?

Fans of Yacht Watch and our general obsession with the superyachts of the rich and powerful can't go without this warm sweater.
No Whale Hunter can go without this mug.
The Royal Hunt started out as a podcast advertising idea, but it turned into a real line of apparel. This bright pink sweater will throw off your patrician friends on their way to estates across Europe for a spot of wild boar and venison.

For 70,000,000 Pepsi points, we are also happy to provide you with a Harrier jet (re: Leonard Vs. Pepsico):

If you haven't watched the new docuseries "Pepsi, Where's My Jet," it's a nice diversion. (Please don't sue us for a jet. We can't afford it.)

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Find out more at https://www.rebelandthekingdom.com

This is the seventy-second edition of WHALE HUNTING, a newsletter delving into the secret worlds of money and power that we became obsessed with during our multi-year investigation into the globe-sprawling 1MDB scandal. That project changed our entire worldview. We wrote a book about it. We were long-time reporters for the Wall Street Journal before setting off on our own last year to create Project Brazen, a journalism studio and production company. We're creating books, podcasts and documentaries, and we'll share behind-the-scenes insights into the characters and stories we find along the way.

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