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The New Gulf Cold War

The New Gulf Cold War
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Gulf Arab states are each heading in their own direction and rivalries are intensifying. It's creating an environment ripe for escalation.

Hello and welcome to Whale Hunting, a weekly newsletter that delves into the hidden worlds of wealth and power. I'm Bradley Hope, co-founder of Project Brazen and long-time observer of the secretive class of monarchs, low-profile businessmen and criminals who have a much bigger impact on the world than is easily recognizable. Yesterday, I examined the shifting power dynamics in Abu Dhabi. Today, I'm exploring some of the regional consequences of the events and others. Happy hunting.

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Part 2 – Each Emir to Himself

There was a moment in 2015 when two powerful Gulf nations seemed aligned in a way that was going to have repercussions around the world. Mohammed bin Zayed, the then-Crown Prince, helped a plucky, ruthless prince nobody ever heard of solidify power in the much bigger neighbor of Saudi Arabia.

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