Steve Wynn, Chinese Agent
Wynn Macau, Creative Commons

Steve Wynn, Chinese Agent

Tom Wright

The Justice Department has just sued Stephen Wynn, the American casino mogul, for failing to register as an agent of China's government. Sounds confusing? Well, let us walk you through this complicated (and bonkers) matter. The story starts with Jho Low, the fugitive Malaysian fraudster (of course it does!).

Back in May 2017 in Shenzhen, the booming Chinese tech city just over the border from Hong Kong, Jho Low was setting up a high-level meeting. Low had been exposed for his role in the $6 billion fraud at Malaysian fund 1MDB and he suspected President Trump's administration was about to file criminal charges against him.

So Low convened a very strange meeting in Shenzhen aimed at lobbying President Trump to drop those charges. At the meeting was Elliott Broidy, then deputy national finance chairman of the Republican National Committee and Sun Lijun, China's then Vice Minister of Public Security. (Pras Michel, of the 90s hiphop band Fugees, was also there but more on that later!)

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