Shame of the US Navy

Bradley Hope
Photo provided by Morena Galvizo De Jesus to The Straits Times

The lack of justice in the “Fat Leonard” bribery case, the subject of our new nine-part podcast, is only just starting to be understood. Most admirals involved with Leonard Glenn Francis, a contractor who bribed his way to a military fortune, supplying women and gifts in return for sweetheart deals, got away with a slap on the wrist. One four-star admiral, a subject of our Nov. 9 episode, stepped down quietly last week from his job (link). I imagine he will enjoy a full pension and no reduction in rank.

Leonard’s female victims ended up in a much more precarious situation. There’s Marcy Misiewicz, a brave Navy spouse whose husband, Commander Michael Misiewicz, was corrupted by Leonard (she’s the subject of last week’s episode). Marcy blew the whistle on Michael, destroying her own family in the process. As you’ll see in later episodes, Marcy helps to bring Leonard down, but at an unfathomable personal cost. Living in Shannon, Illinois, her ex-husband just out of jail, she’s working in a bank and scraping together whatever cash she can.

Then there’s Morena Galvizio de Jesus, a Filipina woman, whose life lost its meaning because of Leonard. And hard though it is to admit, the U.S. government has played a facilitating role in the tragic circumstances in which Morena finds herself today.

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