Corinna and the King

Corinna and the King

Bradley Hope

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Today, we launched our most ambitious investigative project since we started Project Brazen a year and a half ago. On the surface it's the extraordinary, cinematic story of a relationship gone terribly wrong, but for readers of Whale Hunting the appeal will be obvious. This story is a window into a very secretive world of kings and queens, millions of dollars and jewels, money laundering and tax evasion, as well as the way powerful people can command government officials and spy chiefs to do their personal bidding.

We spent more than a year working on this project. The journalism and writing were our paramount concern, but we also put huge effort into music and design. One of my favorite extra features debuted today on the website: an entire deck of cards illustrated with characters and details from the story (I included some here in this edition). We produced the entire show in both English and Spanish.

We kept the whole enterprise very quiet until last week, when it exploded in Spain and has been covered more than 700 separate times in five days. The rest of the world will be mesmerized by this story. It is proof that truth is stranger and scarier than fiction!

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