China's Youtube Lobbyists
Cyrus Jansen on Youtube

China's Youtube Lobbyists

Bradley Hope

Cyrus Janssen is an interesting character. He graduated from Florida State in 2006, according to his LinkedIn, which also shows he’s a PGA-certified professional golfer.

About 15 years ago he landed in Shanghai working at a golf club. He got involved with Chinese television, helping produce a “golf and travel television series.”

From there, he became a sports marketer in a booming region. Along the way he picked up Chinese. And then, a few years ago, like many China hands, he set up a company to help North American businesses invest in China.

But Janssen has another role that’s attracting attention: cheerleader for China’s Communist Party.

Last week, Janssen hosted a webinar on his YouTube channel (176,000 subscribers) ahead of the Winter Olympics in China, which is fast becoming a public-relations disaster for Beijing. He appears to have taken the link private.

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