Big in Japan
Courtsey of the authors

Big in Japan

Tom Wright

You might think you know the story of the rise and fall of Carlos Ghosn, the once-super star CEO of Renault-Nissan: Got too big for his boots, allegedly misused company funds, and escaped from Japan in a box for musical equipment.

Well, "Boundless, The Rise, Fall, and Escape of Carlos Ghosn," a fantastic new book from our friends Nick Kostov and Sean McLain of the Wall Street Journal, will prove you wrong. The book is a case study in corporate hubris, and it really gets inside the head of Ghosn, a fascinating character.

Sam Rockwell is set to play Michael Taylor, the ex-Green Beret who helped Ghosn escape and now is in a Japanese prison. But, for our money, Ghosn is by far the most interesting character in this story. His early life is full of poignant moments, and his career personifies an era of corporate excess, one that's definitely not over.

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